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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  February 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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rrent temperature but feels like 15 you see with the american flag there wind are blowing at 10 miles an hour. sunrise time 6:38. our high will be 29, with all of those clouds, and the snow flurries around throughout the day and 12 tonight in the city getting close to a record there. we will talk about the record lows that could be broken tomorrow morning as well but it is another cold one bob kelly but milder temperatures. >> another cold one. >> pop the top on another cold one. >> you got it. good morning everybody. it is friday 5:00 o'clock, a.m., just keep in mind anyone that saw any of that white stuff yesterday, south jersey here's a live look good morning to wildwood, 347 and 47 coming out of the rio grand right there allized over. if it the looks wet there is a potential for black ice this morning. the just be a aware of that as you are riding out of the driveway good morning to dover downs, delaware, this was a busy stretch yesterday
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one of our main snow cams during this hour yesterday. so again south jersey south delaware, things could be slippery. bridge opening burlington bristol bridge opening up any minute now and that is, of course, going to shut down traffic for five or ten minutes. it is early enough, volleys light but if you don't want to get stuck use that turnpike connector bridge or head down to the tacony palmyra. going for a ride north on 202 from west chester through malvern good to go working your way in to that king of prussia mall interchange. majors in good shape 95, schuylkill expressway, 476 getting out of town for the the weekend, lucky you philly international in delays on a arrivals and departures and mass transit looks good as well with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. first on fox a vehicle slams right into a firehouse. >> fox 29's steve keeley live at the scene, and what a scene it is steve. >> reporter: right through the
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the closed firehouse doors smashed through the thick doors. the doors have been removed but you can see the top of it that they kept still smashed up there. there is the ambulance. this ambulance is being assessed for damage. this is a brand new 2015 these things run 24 hours a day, unfortunately it happened to be in the firehouse one of the few minutes it is sitting in here. do you see that white line. it was park straight. it is how bad this thing was rammed after the car first hit fire house doors which didn't slow it down here on harbison avenue in the the wissonoming section right outside brideberg. the the ambulance then smashed to the left into those blue lockers and at those blue lockers closest member of the fire department was in that class office there radio room there and here the smash. nobody was hurt here at the firehouse, the the driver of the acura not even hurt that bad. now they are transferring stretchers and emergency stuff in the new ambulance they can use because this one is out of commission. the a as we show you how big
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the firehouse driveway is. this guy went up the driveway that fire engine is out of the firehouse, so it can clear room for ambulance to get in there but that gives you a sense off of harbison at jackson street and new kirk it is on a curve and that is where he came at 40 miles an hour at least. he thinks he fell of sleep at ten of 2:00. now lets the show what you it looked like when we first got here. you see firehouse doors? this acura new itself smash right through them and here is battalion chief on duty at the time charlie telling us a few things about this accident. >> he heard the crash. he looked outside. he alerted the rest of the fire fighters that there was something wrong and the lieutenant and they all came out and aided the fellow that was driving the car. >> reporter: another miracle nobody was killed here. >> absolutely. >> reporter: even the driver is not hurt bad. >> no, he isn't. >> reporter: he wasn't able to tell what you happened. >> he thinks he fell asleep.
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>> reporter: he woke up real fast. >> reporter: here is the back of the firehouse transferring, what was a brand new ambulance medic 32, into a working ambulance not as new and not as nice probably but they need an ambulance on duty. these guys have not stopped working. look at the snow blower that got smashed. that was parked behind the ambulance and it got smashed behind the lockers. they will need a new snow blower here as well. this is one of those what could have happened and what cold have been kind of stories. as it was it will be a story these guys will tell as part of the long careers fighting fires and putting their lives on the line and fortunately none of their lives were put in danger by this accident that could have been so much worse you are right, steve keeley a close call that hits way too close to home right. >> absolutely. >> steve, thanks very much. we will stay on top of that. philadelphia police believe this group of teens shown on surveillance video are responsible for numerous
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robberies all over the city. a 13 year-old was robbed on north between the second street in fairmount on the 20th. then, may have struck again yesterday. suspects , all males are believed to be between 46 and 16. fox 29 shows you the video and now word of an arrest, upper darby police arrested aids burglar who fell on the ice after break nothing to the home on glendale road on monday night. a neighbor reportedly recognized him when he turned to the will alley way walking with a limp with the bandage on his hand. when a neighbor saw him outside the market street store they called police and they caught up with him at 69th street terminal this guy was brave. it was just him. unaudible. they don't leave trail have have of evidence behind him. >> another home was burglarized the same night. police suspect the in man who fell in the video stole a nine two-year old woman's purse. racist message was
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discovered inside a bathroom at radnor high school. school officials sent the note home alerting them as to what they found. the school's principal addressed the matter with students in an assembly. fox 29 spoke to police about the incident but they say they didn't receive a call and they are not involved in this investigation. happening today woman charged in the deadly silicone injection case set to testify again. >> yesterday, page victoria winslow talk about doing the the procedures for nearly two decade to help transgendered clients. fox's jennifer joyce has more in center city with this. hi jen. >> reporter: she said she has done this thousands office times dating back to 1995. yesterday page winslow said she helped people with low self esteem. she would give these silicone injections at $2,000 a pop. she said that these people that she was helping referred to her as her fairy god mom. winslow is on trial for performing these up legal injections which police say
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led to the death of 20 year-old claudia aderotimi a british actress whom authorities say died eight hours after getting butt injection from his winslow inside the philadelphia airport hampton inn in 2011. winslow has performed thousands office these procedures dating back to 1995 even injecting herself to become more curvey after a sex change operation. police say she held so call pumping parties at a local hotel, doing it all without a medical license or formal medical training but family members are deeven ifing winslow saying she never heard to hurt anyone and that she provided a valuable service to women. >> she's a beautiful person. beautiful person. >> she would help anybody good she would never hurt or harm anyone. >> just like she said self esteem issue she wanted to make people feel good about themselves. >> reporter: among the evidence in the case begins winslow some of the tools used, 22,000 syringes, 55 gallons of industrial grade
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silicone and crazy glue for sutures. if convicted winslow faces 40 years behind bars and she's expected to get back on the stand this morning. lauren and chris. >> difficult cuss continuing to hear about crazy glue, pounds of silicone. >> we will get back to jen as this case progresses. how about this. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in philadelphia to announce a package of initiatives to expand services to senior citizens and proposals to improve the home care work force. pennsylvania has the fourth oldest population in the country, according to the governor's office. all eyes on the house and senate as they prepare to pass a bill that will keep the the department of home land security operating past midnight with you the the house does not seem to be ready to cave-in on the senate measure that does not include provisions blocking the president's immigration executive order. but the the senate is expected to vote on that bill today, o the department of home land security by the the way will run out of money at midnight. we will keep an eye on that as
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well. represent from the u.s. and cuba are in washington to hold their second round of talks to restore diplomatic relations. meetings will address an array of issues including lifting the trade embargo and to remove cuba from the u.s. list of nations which sponsor terrorism. each country is working to establish an embassy in the others capitol. >> our expectation is u.s. embassy in havana and cuban embassy in washington will operate the way diplomatic relations operate throughout the world. >> other issues expect to be addressed including drug trafficking, flight routes, and environmental concerns. federal communications voted to impose tough new rules on broad band provide tore keep them from creating internet fast lanes for content provide shore pay more money. it is oversight for a industry that has not seen very much of that. new rule requires any company providing broad band connection tour home or phone has to act the in the public interest, and refrain from
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using unjust or unreasonable business practices. the president called it a victory for democracy in the digital age. we now know more about the terrorist known as jihad i john, there are several reports suggesting he is a a university graduate who was raised in london. the washington post and bbc are identifying him as mohammad emwazi. he is in his mid 20's and was born in kuwait before being raised in a modest mixed area of west london. but british anti terror officials won't confirm it a and neither will the white house. according to reports he was men to british intelligence services before he traveled to syria in 2012. and new information out about one of the terror suspects with ties to our area, he was is arrested in new york this week for trying to join isis. now federal authorities say he ran a kiosk at dover mall in delaware. court records show he was sued for not paying rent on a dover apartment last august. that is right around the time authorities say he and two others started to conspire to join isis.
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this will give you a had headache right potholes hitting streets making commutes frustrating and dangerous for drivers. >> penndot crews are out and about trying to make repairs to the potholes. the drivers who take this 5-yard stretch of city avenue hope crews will hurry up and repair this road. >> it is full of craters and you really to have le down, maneuver. >> reporter: rough ride. >> let's just say my teeth are loose. >> penndot says parts of the city avenue are so damaged that they can't be repaired. it need a complete overhaul. that can't be done until it is warmer. they did a lot of repairs there repaving really of city avenue last year after that horrible winter. in the meantime drivers will to have just hold on. coming up, john boehner blowing kisses, why he was making this face, did you see that right there to reporters. they call that duck lips.
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it is dry outside right now you cane win playing with the american flag at sixth and market. however flurries possible, sue's full forecast straight
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hello darkness my old friend... . i know. >> chris, i don't know is what wrong with you.
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>> simon and garfunkel. if you are not heading to the airport here's something for to you do here in philly. attend closing weekend of the blue cross river rink winter fest. there will be a lot of visitors coming by the delaware river front corporation says this is the best winter season to date. >> everything has a corporate rain, blue cross river rink. is this the thing over at a penns landing, sue. >> yes good okay, thanks. >> penns landing river rink. >> yes, we all say river rink. >> so they want their name on there. >> well, right. >> so last year it went, and it was cool this years event was fantastic. if you haven't had a chance to get out there it its done up nicely beautiful out there is there 8,000 people on the ice at once. >> too many for me. >> i think he is exaggerating. >> a little bit. >> the thing is you can the not do anything about the cold so you might as well find ways
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to have fun. that was the whole idea, we believe. we are on track to be the fifth coldest february ever with projected mean temperature for the month of 25.5 degrees. >> my gosh. >> saturday can't come soon enough, 22.2 is the coldest. that was 1934, which was a very cold year because a lot of our record from then are still standing this one says from miss gabby, it is a tweet that says do you know it is snowing here in west caln. we do now. thank you miss gabby. we have seen some snow showers coming around, we have seen flurries outside our window. you may see snow flurries or flurries in your neighborhood. nothing much in southern delaware. they have had their share yesterday but thinks a weak disturbance that is moving through the area to this morning. the possibility are around with moisture in the air, flurries later on as well. it is 25 degrees in the city, 19 in reading, five in mount
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pocono. we have 22 degrees in millville and 19 in wildwood. factor in the wind coming out of the north or northwest at 9 miles an hour and it feels like 16. so dress the kids for temperatures in the teens or single digits if you are north ape west of us and wind chills, some of them are in the 20's to the south of philadelphia. as you continue to clean up from yesterday's snow. so clouds, flurries around today with a high of 29. 27 degrees tomorrow. we could end up with a new record low in the morning. it is possible the the record for tommy believe is ten and we're going to check that just to make sure but regardless it will be a bitterly cold morning, pretty cold day on saturday. sunday, when we're starting to get better, some snow rolls in the afternoon. rain to the south. do you remember last saturday where it started off as snow and we got the ice, i think that might happen on sunday afternoon as well.
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>> we have come close, to all these record do we have any trophy that is we won anything. >> we don't getting in. >> we get close. we are off because of the all of the pain without the gain. we just need a trophy here. live look, what are we looking at here. this is delaware right outside of the dover speed way. again any areas that saw snow yesterday we could bized over this morning. got a bridge opening coming our way burlington bristol it is a test opening they tell me. the only good thing about that, it will be a quick one and we don't to have worry about a freighter heading down toward the tacony palmyra. stop for a doughnut along the way and you are in good shape. coming along downingtown the bypass and we have got gas here in malvern. charleston, looking good coming out of west chester schuylkill expressway in delays at all i-95, friday mornings are light. it is later on when things get crazy. of course, the flower show opens up tomorrow. they have their big preview
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president tonight and then opens up to the public tomorrow. traffic jams start through the the weekend around the pennsylvania convention center. we will strut our golden slippers, mummers in manayunk. here's the deal parade starts tomorrow from 10:00 to 12:00 along main street between chers and green lane and then the the festivities go from 12:00 to 4:00 all of the mummers, string band are going to hang out along main street from 12:00 to 4:00. good day taking the kid looking for something good to do tomorrow. we will kick it off with a hot coffee at 10:00 a.m. n problems at philly international heading to the airport and mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back over to you. just released video shows isis militants destroying iraqi artifacts. it was reportedly shot inside a museum in the northern city of mosul. some used hammers others opted for drills. one item a at them dates back to the ninth century bc.
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the the group has destroyed a number of shrines and holy sites looking to eradicate views they see as haircy what a shame to lose those historic pieces. christians in syria and iraq says isis is murdering their people and the world is ignoring genocide. terrorist seized hundreds of christians in syria and there is in word whether happened to them. lebanese christians with families in that war zone, well, they fear the the worst. prince williams pays his respects to fallen solders in japan. he laid a wreath at the the war cemetery today. solders from britain australia, canada and commonwealth are laid to rest there duke of cambridge will travel to china on sunday as part of the week long trip to china and japan. so what is the best way for a politician to kind of deal with reporters when they are asking lots of questions? >> just answer the question? well house speaker thinks it might be just blowing air
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kisses. john boehner, blew a couple kisses to the press yesterday. a reporter asked him a question whether he decided what the house would do the if the senate passes a funding bill without repealing executive actions taken by president obama. then he added when we make decisions, we will let you know. >> new jersey governor chris christie working to sell himself to conservative as he muscles over a run for the white house. governor christie attended the conserve political action conference in maryland yesterday and took a moment to take a jab at the new york times who has been pretty tough on him. >> what did you give up for lent. >> ill will's tell you laura as a good catholic i went to my parish priest and said i'm giving up the new york times for lent. no, don't cheer it is bad news. he said chris, that is in the acceptable you have to give up
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something you'll actually miss. >> thanks, governor. give up jerry jones. the governor has struggled to gain moment up, christie has faced a slew of negative stories and a formidable fun raising challenge from former florida governor jeb bush. facebook knows suicide prevention is crucial and they will step into do something bit. new feature providing information and support for its users.
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major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in.
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good morning welcome back, stocks closed mostly lower, big drop in oil prices triggered a sell off in stocks which left the s and p500 stuck in negative territory. dow jones industrial average closed off ten-point nasdaq rose 20 points. so do you save your pennies. new poll shows most americans don't have have a rainy day fund? pew charitable trust polled 7,000 households, 57 percent admitted that they are in the ready in an event of a financially mergecy 55 percent said they would either break even or spend more than they make. 51 percent responded they were financially secure. facebook has rolled out ways to allow friend to flag post when a friend may be considering self harm. when that person logs on next facebook will offer options to contact the person concern about them and enlist the help of another friend or put them in contact with the suicide
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help line. facebook has teamed up with three mental health organizationness their prevention efforts. >> your american express card, the credit card company is increasing its annual fees on its popular charge. gold card will be $160.195 for premiere reward gold card. new fee increases take effect on june 1. a new flavor of oreos is coming soon. >> earlier this month they had red velvet flavored oreos that hit store shelves. >> did you try those. >> yesy thought give me the cake i don't want the cookie. give me the real thing. >> new classic cookie will taste like cotton candy. the the instagram user who posted this goes by the name cookie man apparently he works for oreo's parent company he up loaded these images of packages of the new flavor. it is regular golden oreo but it has a layer of pink, blue cotton candy flavored cream
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inside. no word on when these oreos. >> yeah good will be released. >> um-hmm, all right. >> would you try them. >> i don't know i like girl scout cookies. >> we should stick with what they have done. >> just originals. >> this is out offhand. coming up so call black madam will be back in court today to testify on her own defense, we will have the lateness a live report. a car slams in the firehouse in northeast philadelphia
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that car crashes in the firehouse, and what the driver told the fire chief happened moments before the crash. >> she's accused of delivering deadly back side enhancements what the the so-called black madam told the injury bye the world of black market cosmetic surgery. and this dress is causing lots of talk on twitter facebook instagram, it is the debate dividing the internet. i don't get it, what color is the dress. we will explain why no one can agree. we said that at four. i don't know if we have explain. i'm so confused. >> why do we care again. >> big talk on twitter it is called social media. >> it is friday february 27th, 5:30 a.m. >> sue lets get something scientific with evidence of what is going on weather-wise
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please. >> well, we will go to ultimate doppler radar. >> scientist sue. >> yeah, we've got some snow showers and snow flurries moving through the area. this disturbance mostly affecting philadelphia and surrounding counties, southern parts, places that got accumulating snow yesterday not affect much. you may see a coating outside your house this morning. so here in philadelphia we have been seeing flurries and snow showers. hard to tell sometimes in the dark when it is this light so trust us. six out of ten is your number for the the day. the it is 25 degrees. breezes blowing out of the north at 9 miles an hour. it makes it feel like 16. dress for temps in the teens. still a cold one. sunrise at 6:38 this morning. here's your planner, snow showers around this morning mostly cloudy throughout the day and maybe some sunshine by end of the day but a high of only 29. since that is 18 degrees
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colder then we're supposed to be february 27th it is once again bob kelly a frigid friday. >> frigid friday. >> coming up on 5:32. good morning. tgif. anyone who received significant snow we received yesterday was south delaware, outside of dover speed way here, south jersey, again, on the overnight once that sun went down yesterday everything could have frozen over so that is what we have to look out for as we get ready to step out front door and head behind the wheel. bridge opening test opening at burlington bristol bridge, traffic stopped on both side of the river right now. maybe another five or ten minutes and we should be good to go. we are good to go though 422 coming for a ride out of royersford through collegeville, towards saint gabriel's curve. no problems there. we are in good shape on the major roadways. they have pick up construction from the northeast. come on down we are looking good on i-95 and schuylkill expressway. even coming from the suburbs
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we saw flower thinks morning as sue just mentioned in the malvern area at 202 and 29. but no problems to speak of really on our major roadways toward the city at the moment and mass transit looking good with no delays. chris and lauren back to you. >> steve keeley never misses these stories a car that went right in the side of the firehouse in the northeast, the the driver told the battalion chief there he thinks that he fell asleep behind the wheel. he was taken to the hospital for a blood test to determine if he was driving under the influence. of course, the clean up continues as does the investigation. also happening the the woman charged in the deadly silicone injection case is set to testify again. >> yesterday page victoria winslow talk about doing those procedures for two decade to help transgendered clients. fox 29's jennifer joyce has more on this story hi jen. >> reporter: according to police page winslow held so-called pumping parties a the local hotels where she would give these silicone
5:34 am
injections for $2,000 a pop without a medical license or any medical training. in her own defense yesterday when page winslow took the stand she said she just wanted to help people. she said people had self esteem issues. she gave them silicone injections. they referred to her as they are fairy god mom. winslow is on trying for performing these illegal injections which led to the death of 20 year-old actress claudia aderotimi a british actress, who authorities say died eight hours after getting butt injection from his winslow inside the philadelphia airport hampton inn in 2011. winslow said she performed thousands of these illegal procedures dating back to 1995, even injecting herself to be more curve i after a sex change operation but family members are deeven ifing winslow saying she never meant to hurt anyone and that she provided a valuable service to women. >> the person that she is, she is a very very caring person.
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she would do anything to help people. the that is how bee were raised and brought up to be caring and loving to one another. that is her character and personality. >> she's standing good and tall and trusting and believing in god. we are staying prayer full. >> reporter: among the evidence the in the case begins winslow some of the tools used, 22,000 syringes, 55 gallons of industrial grade silicone and crazy glue for sutures. if convicted, winslow could face up to 40 years in prison. she's expected to be back on the stand in court this morning, chris and lauren. new jersey transit the bus and rail riders may soon face higher fares for the first time in five years. mass transit agency are looking for ways to close a budget gap. they say fare and a service adjustments are on the table. industry is talking about raising employee health premiums and looking at other costs. new jersey transit commuters say fares rise 25 percent five years ago when the agency
5:36 am
needed to close a 300 million-dollar gap. atlantic city's hard rock cafe says it the will remain open as long as cat seen owe operate does. they warn the labor department that it would close at the end of april, putting 37 people out of work but parent company says they plan to offer a contract the a the end of 2016 and it intend to stay open as long as trump taj mahal does. april date was a precautionary warning in case the casino does not emerge from bankruptcy and has to close. coming up, adrian peterson back in the news, why the nfl is reviewing his case, yet again. and llamas on the lamb how two llamas got loose in arizona and how cowboys were called into calf them. wow.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles are make something changes this off season and a long time eagle is now late toes get released. todd herremans has been released. he played ten years on the offensive line after getting drafted in 2005. in the fourth roared. thirty-two years of age. his salary cap hit is 5.4 million. expect eagles to sign free agents. phillies continue in clear the water, florida. one player trying to impress so he can start this season would be darren ruf. >> i a approach it the same way every single year but yet if i go out there and earn it
5:40 am
you know, hopefully that it will work out and i will get that opportunity. it starts with that. and if people move, if they don't, you know, you still have to go out there and perform. >> the the flyers need to win, to toronto trying to make the playoffs. they are down three-one. brayden schenn scores. that wasn't enough. flyers have lost their third straight game and they lose to toronto three-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. former phillies outfielder pat burrell will join the phillies wall of fame he was part of the 2008 world series championship game. he left the the team after that year. he will be put the on the phillies wall of fame on july 31st. >> you can put that whole team from 2008 on that wall of fame eventually. nfl will review a federal judge's ruling allowing adrian peterson to return to the field. >> judge overturn the vikings running back indefinite the suspension from the the nfl. peterson was initially
5:41 am
suspended after pleading no contest to the assault charges, under the the suspension, he wouldn't be permitted to file for reinstatement until april 15th. the the the vikings would like to have peterson back next season, of course but he recently told espn he felt the team betrayed him. coming up llamas drama, they captivated millions of social media and television after they got loose in air zone llamas, yeah, what did i say. it is ll. >> llamas. stopping laughing. you can ralph at my color blindness as well after the break.
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his actions shaped the history of our country and today we look the at life of ed bradley. >> he was born june between the second, 1941 in philadelphia and graduated from cheyney university in 1964 with the degree in education. the his first job was teaching sixth grade at william mann elementary school in wynfield community in philadelphia while teaching he moon lighted at old wdas studios on edgeley drive-in philadelphia's fairmount park working for free and later for minimum wage. he was best men for 26 years of award winning work on cbs
5:45 am
news program 60 minutes. he also covered the falls of sigh gone, was the the first black correspondent to cover the white house and anchored his own news broadcast. cbs sunday night news with ed bradley. he received several award including peabody, national association of black journalist lifetime achievement award and 19 emmy awards. he died in 2006 from complications from leukemia a decade later, he will have a portion of city avenue between presidential boulevard and monument road named after him. i was at bbc when they awarded him lifetime award and his wife accepted it on his behalf. it was very cool. >> i bet it was. how neat that he grew up in philadelphia a he has such is local ties. one of our greatness our industry. >> okay, sue serio, another great of our industry has the weather. >> i'm sad because it is last black history in month. we have women's history month
5:46 am
in march. we will continue to have these vin yet about with men with an influence on everybody else. >> sue, you might just make it because you are in the hall of fame. >> yeah, right. not. lets look outside, the firehouse in northeast philadelphia flurries snow showers, we have been showing them to you on radar and you can see the evidence. this is of course, the scene of the firehouse where the car ran into the the firehouse and we will have more coming up from steve keeley but there they are big fat flakes just flying around not really amounting to anything but we are getting reports from you, on twitter including ronnie who says it is snowing in drexel will hill delaware county and we are getting a dusting in west chester. you can see it the on the ground. maybe just a little bit of the coating. it doesn't look like it amount to anything but as we have been telling you a weak disturbance coming through our area this morning with snow showers and flurries.
5:47 am
fit leaves that coating on the ground, red lightly as we have a had to do all winter long. that is the deal with precipitation. now lets check temperature on your friday morning. 24 degrees in the the city. seventeen in allentown. twenty-one in trenton. two in millville. nineteen in wildwood. factor in that wind and it feels colder then that in some places, except for where we don't have have too much win. win isn't a big issue but it does feel like 14 degrees outside so keep that in mind as well. it feels like 13 in wildwood and wind chill in the teens in wilmington as well. today will be another cold one. 29 degrees tomorrow, 27. then on sunday we have snow moving in. changing over to ice and then over to rain. similar scenario to what happened last saturday where we had snow and then got icy and then changed over to rain. that will all happen on monday morning. the rain change over that is. then we will get in a bit of the milder mode, starting on
5:48 am
wednesday of next week when we could inch in the 50's. the the problem is we will also probably get some rain with that. >> chris and i will wear shorts in we hit 50's on thursday. can't wait to see those white legs. >> we have to tanning salon over the weekend. 5:48. down the shore 47 and 347 thinks a perfect example of what could be out there is black ice, gang. coming to the intersection in any of the areas that received that snow precipitation yesterday, south jersey, south delaware. once the the sun went down it was a refreeze on the overnight. schuylkill looking good, coming into downtown, in problems or delays at all i-95, a brake tap right there at girard but it is quiet so far. last couple days have been crazy, north on i-95 disabled near the gang in wilmington. big weekend flower show opens it up at pennsylvania
5:49 am
convention sent iser. they have a big preview tonight and opening to the public beginning tomorrow. we will see instant traffic jam there around the the convention center. grab your golden slipper meet you tomorrow in manayunk. mummers parade begins tomorrow ten to 12:00 will be the the parade along main street and then from 12:00 to 4:00 you will get a chance to hang with the string bands. when you get off schuylkill the at belmont avenue that is green lane. that is where that close another comes into play and mess likely we will start to see some delays on the cue kill expressway in both directions, there exiting at belmont. coming in from the suburbs west chester, downingtown, as sue mentioned, we are starting to see flurries rolling through. maybe that is why we are starting to slow down here north on 202 rolling up through west chester. mass transit looking good chris and lauren back over to you. so chris got hooked on phonics and we will tell but this story.
5:50 am
you probably saw this trending. now i can't talk. >> i see 2l's together rolling in southern california it is a sound. >> when talking about those two animals it is an l sound. >> go for it. >> if you are on social media yesterday you probably saw this trending, two llamas, near phoenix on the run. their owner brought three of them to a retirement community and during a break, two of them took off. the jessica flores explains. >> she explains. >> gallup go through streets yard and all over some city neighborhood, two llamase raided sheriff deputies, their owners and bystanders who all tried to stopped the pair. >> the door was opened and llamas came out and it was a rodeo time. >> reporter: mostly a slow speed chase have after they took off from a petting zoo event at a senior home. witnesses described the
5:51 am
unusual suspect. >> black one and white one. >> reporter: the ring leader a white four year-old 220-pound llamas named canita. her side kick a within year-old dark brown llamas name laney lived up to her name darting from lane to lane. >> not every day people see llamas running down the middle of 99th avenue. >> probably one of the biggest thing that ever happened here in 20 years. >> reporter: in the end, to all good stories in the wild, wild west they were roped in and captured. >> we got her box into a vacant lot and he got little one and chase the big one down and got her too. >> they were just having fun. they were running it became and game for them and they just kept it up. >> how does that lady know it was a game for them. they were terrifying. >> they were just trying to get away.
5:52 am
>> weren't you. >> yeah. >> as that chase went on twitter exploded with everyone following those llamas. >> yeah, hash tags popping up all over including these llamas drama, got that and llamas on the lamb. >> that is better than yamas on the yam. amazon decided to pitch national reading month. i better be all years in part with the picture of the book about, you guessed it llamas. it might be the most talk about blue dress since the clinton administration. >> it is not really blue at all. look at the image. what color does this look like to you? some people are seeing black and blue others just see white and gold. it is causing a stir on social media with celebrities weighing in on this seemingly serious debate. >> serious in quotation marks. >> taylor swift says i don't
5:53 am
understand and i feel like it is a trick. ps, it is obviously blue and black. >> kim kardashian west sees white and gold. her hubby kanye west sees blue and black. and then he asked who is color brian. >> chris is color blind and he also can't read this morning what color do you see? >> i'm seeing red right now. >> i don't really care. i'm too busy. i have two kid, mortgage, i have a job i get up in the middle of the night i could careless about this whole twitter debate. who has that time on their hand. >> lets talk about this next story. staying indoors is all anyone wants to do in this bitter cold weather right the now. app world is capitalizing new app making it easier then ever to get what you need without even leaving the house, with your two kids and your mortgage and your wife. >> thank you. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle
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welcome back, just 25 degrees outside. you can see flurries in olde city, sue is on top of your forecast and when this will clear out. netflix, check. smart phones so, if you need something, you have it delivered to you, check. the cold and snow has many hibernating inside to accommodate them. several new apps popping up that will deliver goods right to your door. there are apps offering food
5:57 am
wine, all kind of things. all you need is your credit card and smart phone or device. >> it is really great if you are feeling cold, don't wanting to outside and want to have press a button and get something brought to you. >> there is even an app forgetting your hair blow dried. a stylist will show up at your door armed and ready to make you beautiful all from the comfort of your own home. coming up a car crashes through a firehouse in northeast philadelphia. we will have a live report
5:58 am
5:59 am
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new this morning a car slams into a firehouse smashing through a garage door and banging up an ambulance. we will be live. this burglar tried to make a slick getaway but slips and falls and what he had haddon his hand that made a neighbor realize he was actually the bad guy. house speaker john boehner blowing kisses to the media. why he made the sign of affection after talking about the looming home land security shut down. it is interesting. good day it is friday, finally friday, february 27th 2015. thanks for being with us. >> two hearst down. >> four more to go. >> good morning everybody. >> it is friday. >> yes. >> tgif. in a good mood. >> it is friday. >> long crazy week. >> we have some snow showers out there this morning. it is all over the


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